Buying a home

home buyingI would like to share some thoughts about buying a home, making the best deal and then moving in. Sounds easy and you will find a lot of work goes into getting the home you want. If you understand the process, success is easier. Do your homework and become an educated buyer. Determine what you can afford.

First make a game plan, Figure out what you want, what your needs are, your credit, and your finances. Even if your credit is excellent it is important to order order a copy of your credit report. Interview Realtors and find a Realtor with an ABR designation. That is the Accredited Buyer’s Representative. It is a certification that states they have special training in how to reepresent buyers. The course and their experience qualifies them to be a buyer’s representative. Once you have found your Realtor with an ABR, you are ready to move forward.

Talk with a mortgage broker and find out what you want to spend. Put into process the loan prequalification. This often takes time and it is important to have this taken care of so when you find the home of your choice, that piece is already taken care of.

Then choose a neighborhood. I find my buyers educated and informed due to the internet. The more homework you do, the more time you save.

Finding your dream home and making the offer. Negotiating. Making the best deal for you.

Once the offer is presented to the seller, there is a window of time from a week to ten days to get the home inspected.